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General Anesthesia and Sedation

General Anesthesia: Anesthesia be provided by intravenous drugs and narcotic gases.

Mostly ve use general anesthesia the people who afraid of treatments or who has nausea.

Sedation:  In the sedation we use only intravenous drugs and it provides half sleep mode to the patient and patient can breathe by herself/himself. Sedation doesn’t have narcotic effects therefore local anesthetics are needed.

For the children for prevent to dentistry phobia and provide to all dental treatments have done just in one time.

Zihinsel engelli hastalarımızda kısa süreli işlerde artı bir tedavi türüdür. Diş hekimi fobisi olan hastalarımızın’ da kısa işlemlerinde genel anesteziye göre sedasyon hasta için daha rahat bir uygulamadır.