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0-14 years old children belong to this branch of dentistry. First deciduous tooth usually erupte around 6 months and continues until around 33 months. Totally 20 deciduous teeth we have. Transition of permanent teeth from deciduous teeth starts age of 6 and continues until 12-13 years old.

Önemli Uyarı!

Kalıcı dişlerimizden 6 nolu diş diye adlandırdığımız 1. Azı dişleri 6 yaşında ağızda yerini alır. Bazı ebeveynler süt dişi olduğunu düşünmektedir.

Baby bootle tooth caries:  It consists of drinking the milk with baby bottle along long time period especially during sleeping.

Treatments of deciduous teeth

Deciduous teeth also can be treated like permanent teeth with fillings and root-canal treatments. But biocompatible materials are different from materials which using on permanent teeth.

When should apply dental placeholder?

If the restoration of the deciduous tooth is not possible the tooth should be extracted and for saving the place for the coming permanent tooth we can apply fixed or removable dental placeholder.

How can we prevent caries for children?

  • We should check the nutrition of children.
  • After 2 years old, toothpastes and toothbrushes should be acceptable for their ages.
  • For preventive proposes, fissure sealent or flouride gel can be perform by the dentist.
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