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What is the root-canal treatment ?

Dental pulp is the inner part of the tooth which contains blood vessels and nerves. Dental pulp starts from crown of the tooth and continues to apex of the root. Dental pulp can be inflamed (pulpitis) because of untreated caries or violent traumas. We can observe cold and heat sensivity, colour changes, especially strong toothache which begins at nights and the abscess on the face.

How to make root-canal treatment ?

It starts with local anesthesia without any pain. After the draination of the pulp, fill the tooth with biocompatible materials.

Is there any colour change of the tooth after root-canal treatment ?

 After the treatment or trauma, grey, pink and brown colours can be observed on the tooth. We can eliminate these colour changes with dental bleaching specific for the tooth.

Pay attention to the tooth

Until the permanent filling, the patient need to be careful during chewing, because the tooth will be more fragile after the root-canal treatment. If there is too much tissue lost at crown of the tooth denture(ceramic crown) can be prefer also.

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