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A branch of dentistry which increases the life standards by regulating the esthetic and the function of teeth and jaws.

  • Orthodontics don’t contain any age, during each year the treatment can start.
  • For children, first orthodontic control should be around 7 years old.

A-)Unbalanced face, jaws structure or relation,

B-)Thumbsucking, onychophagia(nail biting),

C-)While swallowing, push out the anterior teeth by tongue(baby swallowing),

D-)Jaw skeletons which placed so front or so back,

E-)Rather early or lately lost of deciduous teeth,

F-)Crossed, located wrongly, or erupted abnormally teeth,

If these kind of problems determined, the specialist of orthodontics direct you for the treatment.

Oral Care with Orthodontics;

A-) Openings between teeth and neigbourhood of brackets should be cleaned with interdental brushes.

B-) Teeth are brushed and caries control should ne regularly.

C-) The patient must not chew the meal which can cause deformation, breaking of orthodontic apparatus.

D-) Be carefel during biting of rigid food like carrot, cucumber. Before eating these kind of food, slice them.

E-) Adjustment process for dental apparatus is around 7-10 days. During the first days pain and sensivity is possible.

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