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Pregnancy and Dental Health 

During pregnancy any defects of expectant mother’s oral/dental system can be affect baby’s development. During pregnancy nausea and vomiting causes increasing of secretion of acids in oral cavity. And this acid secretion causes erosion, abrasion, caries on teeth.

During pregnancy dental treatments make differences in each 3 months period.

First 3 months:  Baby’s organs are improving, unnecessary treatments can cause abortion but any dental infection which causes pain can be more harmful to baby and mother. Before tooth extractions, root-canal treatments or gum treatments we should consult to obstetrician.

Second 3 months:  In this period all dental problems should be treated and dental plaques should be eliminated.

Last 3 months:  Similar standards with first 3 months period. Hyperstress can cause pregnancy estrogen-progestrone balance can change and pregnancy gingivitis can occur.

Taking X-Ray During Pregnancy

Infirst 3 months if it is not emergency, we must not apply x-ray. But if it is emergency, we need to use lead vest for preventive purposes and dose ef the x-ray should be decreased.