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Porcelain Laminate

In this method we eliminate minimum tissue just from anterior surface of teeth. These laminates perform at the specific dental laboratories and their shape similar to “leaf” that is why it called as “leaf tooth” in the community.


Minimum tissue loose, it is thin and it doesn’t contain metal substructure and their light permeability is so close to natural teeth.

In which cases we can apply laminate?

A-) The patient who doesn’t pleased from his/her teeth’s shape or dimension,

B-) The patient who has strong stainings at the anterior theeth region,

C-)If there is snaggletooth or abrasion / erosion at the anterior teeth,

D-)If the patient doesn’t prefer orthodontic treatments and has spaces between anterior teeth.

In which cases we can not apply dental laminate?

A-) Patients who prefer porcelain laminate should have Class 1 occlusion(upper anterior teeth should be located forward than lower anterior teeth, at least 2 mm). Otherwise we can’t apply this treatment.

B-) In this treatment the patients mustn’t have missing tooth at anterior region of his/her teeth, they must not have any denture stories in the past from where we perform laminate.