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Oral, Dental, Jaw Diseases and Surgery

This branch of dentistry is about soft and hard tissues(bone, teeth) of oral cavity.

Each wisdom tooth should be extracted or not?

If the wisdom tooth partially erupted and can’t be brushed easily, can cause caries and malodor, it should be extracted. But if it is not erupted or it is erupted but doesn’t cause any problem, it can stay.

What we should do after tooth extraction?

A-)The buffer material for stopping the bleeding at the extraction zone.

B-) Buffer material should bit around 20-25 minutes.

C-) For 24 hours too hot, alcoholic, acidic drinks shouldn’t be drink.

D-)First 24 hours to gargle, to spit, is forbidden because the coagulated blood at the extraction zone can be degenerete and blleding starts again, alveolitis can occur. It is violently painful.

Temporomandibular Joint Disease

Some reasons wich causes joint disease:

A-) Grinding teeth, bruxism.

B-) Relation between upper and lower teeth ( occlusion).

C-) Trauma.

D-) Dental treatments which causes jaws open for long time.

E-) Keeping mobile phone between shoulder and head, biting pencil, thumbsucking, playing the violin.