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Dental Bleaching

We apply “bleaching” treatment to the patients who doesn’t pleased of their teeth’s colour.

Dentist perform the chemicals on the teeth’s enamel and it causes bleaching of the teeth averagely 2-3 colour tones. Ratio of the colour change can be different results with different patients. If it performs under the dentist’s control, it doesn’t harmful for teeth (erosion, abrasion, caries).

During the treatment, the patient can be sensible to cold, in this case dentist can use anti-sensivity agents.

There is 2 types of bleaching; home bleaching, office bleaching.

In some cases we apply both of the methods. Office type of belaching needs 1-3 grades, home bleaching needs 7-14 days for noticable results. Treatment’s validation is related to patients nutirition and habitations and it is around 1-3 years.