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Dental Implants with Prosthetics 

In dentistry we use 2 types of dental prosthesis, fixed and removable dentures. Our purpose in prosthesis we fixed the place of the missing tooth/teeth with apparatuses which are so similar to their original forms.

1-) Fixed Dental Prosthesis

Fixed dentures are not removable, they are placed on the prepared teeth by specific adhesives. They are ;

  • Metal supported ceramics
  • Zirconium supported ceramics
  • IPS Empress (glass supported)
  • Porcelain laminate crowns

A-) Metal supported fixed denture : They have been used since 1950s. But if we compare them with zirconium supported or IPS Empress, they have some disadvantages about esthetics. Their light reflectance ratio is not enough. But in some cases they have some advantages especially on posterior teeth they provides more strength. Its cost is cheaper than the zirvonium supported or IPS Empress.

B-) Zirconium supported ceramic crowns’ light reflectance is so similar to natural teeth. They are completely harmful and they are new technology products. They can practise on all of the teeth.

C-) IPS Empress(glass supported) : Light reflectance is so similar to naturel teeth . Usually we prefer this at the anterior side for one missing tooth space. It is not useful at posterior side of dentition. They are full porcelain crowns and dont cause any allergy.

2-) Removable Dental Prosthesis

They are removable. They can be used for total or partial anodontia (toothlessness).

Implant Supported Denture

Dental implant system is one of the succesful technology which has used last 20 years by dentist. Implant systems are useful one or more toothlessness.

Advatages of Dental Implants

A-) If there is just one missing tooth, we can apply dental implant without doing any operation to the nearby teeth.

B-) At the multiple toothlessness, whem the patient used removable denture, taste perception can be devreased or during chewing removable denture can be move out of mouth but dental implants can convert removable denture requirment to the fixed denture.

C-) In some cases especially at the lower jaw we can see bone resorptions and it makes the using removable denture really annoying. We can prevent whis cases by 2-4 dental implants fixed denture.

Dental Implant Surgery

Dental implants are placed the areas where identified before with local anesthesia on upper/lower jaw. Healing preiod is around 3 months. After healing period one more part is placed on the dental implants and lastly we can place porcelain tooth on it.