7 days 24 hours emergency dentistry services


Adana Dental Ortodonti Diş Tedavisi

We can perform from minimal restorative dental treatments up to surgical treatments which should perform in surgery room in our center.



Adana Dental İmplant Diş Tedavisi

Dental prosthetics include fixed prosthetics and removable prosthetics. Our purpose in prosthetics replace the missing tooth or teeth with biocompatible dental apparatus by this way we provide refunction of teeth.



Adana Dental Diş Estetiği

In some cases when the patient smile or speak their gingiva seen too much. And their teeth look like shorter / longer then normal. We call these cases as gummy smile and their treatments are “pink esthetics” and “cosmetic treatments”.



Adana Dental Diş Sağlığı

In our center we can treat also frightened patients and disabled patients under sedation or general anesthesia in operating room.


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Adana Dental Hoşgeldiniz

Our company was founded in 2005 and we make a special effort of high quality treatment standards and our company has been pioneering in this regard, continues to service without compromising these principles. The solution of our patients, oral and dental health problems, since 2005 not only in our region, our organisation’s goal is referenced throughout the country; it is to continue to better service and increasing the success everyday with more advanced technology.


Place without Disability Certificate

Our center rewarded by the City Hall with “Place without Disability” certificate which is given for medical centers / hospitals where the place can provide best treatment options for disabled people.

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